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Northeast / NYC 1998

so high!

[ Northeast 1998 ]

Another Day in the Big Apple

New York Discoveries ...      on a Sunday Afternoon

In 1998 BK moved the center of activities to the USA, not without the obvious hassle of INS and other authorities, the basic idea of excistence in the USA is ... guess what? Perhaps not the girls at the beach. While the beach action in Newengland is plain dull and boring, it can get pretty hot in New York! Since I first visited the Big Apple in early 1998, this town fascinates me more than anything else on the East Coast .. well, may be, some good Hurricane swell on the reefs of Rhode Island in late summer ...

Meanwhile ... Out on Route 128

Reebok Headquarters

Life inside Route 128 is not that exciting be it not for the high tech industry on every exit. This one is in the woods on the southern part of Route 128, started in Fall 1998, Reebok's new World Headquarters gets finished in Spring 2000. Impressive sight from the ground, and when you fly into Logan from the south, try to catch a look on this site! Since I work in the building next to it, I took a series of pictures to document the transition from horse farm to world marketing hub for sneakers made in Korea or China.

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