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US Open 2000 - Snowboarding

[ Preview page, please mail bkmedia@compuserve.com for details ]

The US Open 2000 mega-event on its final days: fresh snow, blazing sunshine and a perfect arena for the world's most flying women and men. Yes, the girls are a good part of the action, and the most radical riders were fanatical applauded by the thousands of spectators in the hills of Vermont.

This Girl Rocks!

Halfpipe Queen      has no fear!      fantastic flight
Anne Molin Kongsgard      high over Vermont

Out of the 20 female contenders Anne Molin Kongsgard flew highest and wildest, but not technical enough for the judges, so Natasza Zurek became halfpipe-queen and got the biggest check. In the mens division Abe Teter was one furious flyer, did not made the semi-finals, but kept going during the warm-ups. In the finals Guillaume Morisset from Canada sneaked in ahead of local champ Ross Powers and Xaver Hoffmann from Germany.

Monster Jumper

nope, back to Earth for now      flying high high high      takeoff for outer space

Abe - the gentle giant

BK media systems spezializes in Outdoor Photography. With equipment for in-the-water shooting or the huge lenses we catch the action at its best. Innovative 3-D equipment enables us to produce media for virtual reality applications. Please contact us for your advanced media project.

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