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The Page for Busy People Who are not Afraid of Calories!
Do you know this brand of excellent chocolates?

Featuring the KRUPSKOI brand from
Saint Petersburg, Russia

zhar-ptitsa ( FireBird! )
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Restless souls need a few good things to keep going. A cup of coffee and a piece of fine chocolate helps us advance on a busy schedule.
The world's finest chocolates come from Europe, brands like Lindt, Nestle, Suchard, Poulain, Sprengel, Perugina, Sarotti, and Fazer build on old tradition. Many more brands of fine chocolates exist in Europe, but due to stupid import restrictions your chocolate needs may become a problem in the USA. America is well known for inventing junk-food, here you can buy chocolate dog food - Hershey's, and Cadbury's, you guessed it, cat food.
When I went to Russia I expected similar 'treats' and was very positively surprised by the high quality of Russian chocolate! Like traditional French chocolate Russian chocolate is often dark and bitter-sweet. The milky-sweet variety exists also in Russia but is less popular.

- KRUPSKOI product portfolio -

Sankt Peterburg 100 grams
Sankt Peterburg, hazelnuts
Favorit 100 grams
Favorit, generic bitter
Letniy Sad 100 grams
Letniy Sad, rum flavor

The Krupskoi "Fabrika" produces over 20 varieties of "Konfeti" and a dozen different flavors of 100 gram bars. They also make handy 50 gram bars which are popular with children and travelers. The wrapping paper features fine art as shown below, original graphics design, and also pictures of the popular russian Lada car or animals and flowers. Most flavors are only flavors, no pieces of orange, nuts or whatever that gets stuck in the teeth. Only the flagship product Sankt Petersburg has pieces of roasted hazelnuts in it.

Regata 100 grams
Regata, almond flavor
Osobiy 100 grams
Osobiy, salt flavor (!)
Poristi 100 grams
Poristi, 'air bubbles'

On the left, 'golden' Regata chocolate, nice almond flavor embedded in a rich dark chocolate. Next is Osobiy - special - because it has a curious salty flavor! It is different from the usual, but not bad at all. Fabrika Krupskoi sure knows how to make a good chocolate. Last but not least the famous air bubble chocolate Poristi. These darker chocolates are especially delicious in summer when you need the energy to keep going on the endless summer nights of the north.

Aljonka 100 grams
Aljonka, summer chocolate
Trojka 100 grams
Troika, energy for the winter
Alinka 100 grams
and Aljonka in Winter!

Speaking of summer, there is chocolate for every season: Aljonka - sweet sunshine, then Troika and Aljonka again because Winter is long in Russia.
All chocolates shown here are products of western quality, locally priced around US$0.50 - Fabrika Krupskoi runs several factory outlet stores in St Petersburg with guaranteed fresh products - the date of production is printed on the wrapping - outlet prices are 10% below retail.

Vernissage 100 grams
Vernissage,orange flavor
Vernissage 100 grams
... different look
Njanjushkini Skazki 100 grams
fairy tales chocolate

First, two samples of the Russian Museum series 'Vernissage'. It features different paintings from the National Museum of Russia, and comes with orange taste - delicious for both mouth and eyes! To the right is a mystery product, thinking about the name I forgot what the taste was, in any case, delicious as all the others!
There are two centers of chocolate production in Russia - Moscow and St Petersburg. Chocolate is also made in places like Novosibirsk, or Odessa / Ukraine (Odessa Candy Company, former Krakhmalnikov factory). In 1999 I visited Sankt Peterburg and found a rich supply of delicious chocolates from the local brand Krupskoi. Their Konditerskaja Fabrika produces both Konfeti - individually wrapped pieces of hand-made chocolate with filling - and the classic european 100 gram bars. Konfeti comes also in boxed sets, see the sample of the magnificient 'FireBird' packaging on top of this page. But the preferred product for busy people remains the chocolate bar, easy to pack and it travels well.

BK in Sankt Peterburg

Please visit Krupskoi Krupskoi Fabrika (in russian) Fabrika (in russian)

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