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Da SURF 'zine cover Spring 1995
In the early 90's surfing was booming in Europe and I started to publish this early german surf'zine.

Dolphin Surfing!

foot on nose foot before fin      here we go

This is happenening in some Marineland Seaworld all over the world many times a day. Powerful dolphin takes you to the next level of flat-water surfing. Seen in Loro Parque in Tenerife 12/2002.

Next Generation goes Surfing!

Surfing Feels Great!

After travel to European Surfing Town Biarritz on the Atlantic Ocean we had to give first surf lessons.

Exciting Beach Action

Out in Rhode Island!      World Surfing Champions!

The trip to Hawaii December 2000 was fun for the Da Surf'zine crew. Our three years on the East Coast over now we are land-locked in Germany. We miss the ocean soo much ...

Top Ladies Layne Beachley, Serena Brooke, Pam Burridge, Rochelle Ballard together on occasion of the no-waves WCT in Lacanau 1998. We look forward to be back in 2003!

Exciting Wave Action

Out!      In!

Here we have one of the more spectacular waves on earth. And easy to reach, just a drive on Kamehameha highway and stop near the Sunset Beach school to see Pipeline and Backdoor in action.

If you want to see more of the Hawaiian wave action, check the Pipemaster pages as well as the Hawaiian section of JahTours.com

From Dawn till Dusk

Sunset on the Atlantique, Hossegor 1996

Outdoor action photography is a speciality of BK media systems, we have equipment for in-the-water action shooting and also the huge lenses for high quality photos from the beach. Innovative 3-D equipment catches the action for virtual reality applications. Please contact exanova.com for your advanced media productions.