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Rell Sunn, Hawaii 12/1994

Most of us know Rell one way or the other. Some owe her their place on the World Championship Tour, others were just amazed by meeting her. I met her in 1995 on the occasion of the Biarritz Surf Festival. She was really outstanding although already very ill at the time. In early January 1998 she took her last wave and we'll all miss her. Generations of young hawaiian surfers evolved through her Menehune (Heinzelmännchen) contests. Some 20 years ago she surfed the world championship tour and did with considerable grace. Later she turned to Longboard riding and became the ambassador of surfing. Some dubbed her the queen of Longboard but she's more than that, the incarnation of Hawaiian Aloha spirit.

Todd  takes  the Door
Spectacular Surfing ... Todd Prestage!

The Winter of 97/98 saw a late start of classic conditions on the North Shore. With the first good swell many of the pro surfers took a good ride. Todd Prestage had little luck in the competition but goes great when the Door is open.

Bobby and Anna, Biarritz '95

These two met in a Honolulu nightclub. Then they were hanging around Oahu's North Shore and when the conditions were good they went tandem in gnarly waves like Pipeline and BIG Waimea! Here they're gliding through the dark waves of the Biarritz Surf Festival.

Hawaii 2000

After 2 years absence I'll make it again this year!!! I'm already stoked when I think of it and after a meager Hurricane season on the East Coast I look forward to some wave action on da North Shore.

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