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Surfrz ... more than a license plate, North Shore, Oahu.
Welcome to the North Shore!
Todd  takes the Door
Spectacular Surfing ... Todd Prestage makes it look so easy!(JPEG 96k)
Time to ride!
Waves come up fast! Small Pipe '97(JPEG 70k)
The best view into the tunnel is from the water. To capture this view up to a dozen photographers wait for the surfers to take a ride. I'd been out with the stereo camera, to get the real 3-D impression. Check the stereo photo page for more information about this fascinating technology.
Flying woman!
Amazing women in the air! Off The Wall '97(JPEG 96k)
After the surfing time for some bodyboarding. And the men and women on the small rubber boards do amazing manouvres in impossible waves. Bodyboarders seem to have no fear and are very close to the water, here's one of the girls from Brazil taking some air befor plunging down another steep wave.

John Shimooka, Lacanau '91
The first time I saw Shimooka surf. He is a colorful personality that makes for good competitions. He'd been on the WCT circuit for over ten years now and sports the right mix of fighting and team spirit.

Special View

Life's Quik, Hossegor '97
Besides the WCT there is an impressive army of young surfers trying to qualify in WQS competitions. Here's one of them rolling off the wave, seen from the water.

At last, Sunset!

Sunset Sunset
Spectacular Sunset at ... Sunset Beach!(JPEG 44k)

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