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 Quik Pro 2005
 RipCurl Pro 2004
Monaco GP 2004
Oktoberfest 2001
Pipemasters 2000
US Open 2000
BK honeymoon
Cannes-Riviera '99
EastCoast 2000
Hawaii Surf '97

city destinations

 Honolulu, HI
 Boston, USA
 Las Vegas, USA
 New York, USA
 Menton, Riviera
 Cannes, Riviera
 Biarritz, France
 Monte Carlo, MC
 Nice, Nizza, FR
 Paris, France
 Baden-Baden, Germany
 Hamburg, Germany
 Munich, Germany
 St Petersburg Russia


 Cape Cod, USA
 California, USA
 Florida, USA
 Long Island, USA
 Atlantic, France
 French Riviera
 Italian Riviera
 Tenerife, Spain

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Pearl of the French Riviera: Menton !!
Menton 2001
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Tropical Winter Island Paradise
Hawaii 2000!
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JahTours International takes you to the Hidden Side of the French Riviera, shows Winter Scenes from the Islands of Hawaii, and features Premium Destinations with Insider Information.
Presented by BK media systems, home of Advanced Outdoor Media Productions: Three-Dimensional Digital Videography and stunning 3-D Photography, as well as Exciting Action Sports Photography and International Events Coverage.

Spend the Night under a Thousand and One Stars
Walk the Beaches under Palm Trees
Surf the Seven Seas

Dec 2005: 10 years of BK media on the Internet!

Oct 2005: With the world's best contest surfers present in Hossegor, this year's Quiksilver Pro got crowned by ample and huge waves.

Jun 2005: This time we made it to the southern states of the US, some 4500 miles in three weeks, and between Route 66 in Oklahoma and the fresh waters of the Atlantic Ocean we visited New Orleans before Kartrina.

Jan 2005: More thousands of dead people, this time due to Tsunami wave in the Indian Ocean. While we are shocked by the huge amount of water displaced, we also ask ourselves, whether we would have recognized the vanishing waters on the quiet beaches?

Nov 2004: Thousands of dead people paid the price for texas oil family business expansion plans. When will the third generation Bush president entertain the world? Spring Break 2012 in Cuba?

Jul/Aug 2004: Summer is happening in the South, we went to the Hossegor Rip Curl Pro 2004.

Apr 2004: Still waiting for Spring to arrive in Germany, the Riviera is not much better this year.

Jan 2004: Happy new year!! We started with a couple days on the Riviera!

Oct 2003: Back to NewEngland we spent two weeks traveling between Cape May and Cape Ann.

Jul/Aug 2003: Hottest summer in Germany ever! 40.2 C outside, in the shade, and many more in the offices of BK media systems international

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