updated 08/2003

BK's F.A.Q.

BK on the islands 94
Life's a Beach!

Q: Welcome back in Germany. You have been living abroad for more than 10 years. How is its now?
BK: When I left Germany for France in 1990 it was a much better place to live. From 1994 to 1996 I even lived on the French Riviera! Whether I live in Paris, Munich, or Bratislava is of little difference. Then I lived near Boston for three years, well I'm glad to be back in Europe! Germany has changed considerably since the opening of East Germany in 1989. The new Germany is much easier to live, also my economic situation is more favorable then in the late 80s.

Q:What about the pineapple sitting on your desk?
BK: When you work in an office all day, you need real company. People have teddy-bears, pets or children, I have a pineapple. No, my real companion is my wife now. The pineapple is a reminder to go back to the Islands [of Hawaii]. I spent many happy days over there when my part of the world sinks into pre-Christmas depression. You know, I always hated rain until I felt it on the Islands. And the people there are BIG FRIENDLY! Just try to say 'hello' to someone in the subway and you know what I mean.

Apart from the pineapple, is there a special person in your life?
Yes! During the weired summer of 1997 I got in first contact on the Internet and then married her in December '99. She is intelligent, non-smoking, mobile both physical and mental, open to new ideas, not afraid of weird, strange things - a bit like myself. Oh yeah, it also helps to be patient, once you have a certain age in life it does not have to change every day.

More down to earth, what's in your fridge?
We have yoghurt, onions, rolls of film, cheese, bananas, milk, fruits, and tons of vegetables. What about the chocolate on your shelves ..? Well, I'm on a diet. Lindt and other top brands only, in summer I prefer deep dark chocolate with 50% cacao or more. When we lived in the USA we used to import good chocolates from Russia and hunt all kind of import foods - here in Germany and close to France we have a huge choice of good food in every Supermarket.

What else keeps you going in life? What are your ambitions?
If I had three wishes? No, something real, three projects or whatever. There is some challenging stuff on my mind: Like surfing Hawaii's best waves. I already had a go at Pipe while on the North Shore and I will try again. Another ambition is family life, see, this guy is sooo much fun! And third? Get a name in new communications technology.

Why are you called Jah?
When you have a rare family name you may prefer a nickname. Through the early 80's I was into [Reggae] music and DJ'ing at parties round my home town at that time. Jah became my trademark. In the 90s I had to cut my hair professional style and I only play the sound system at home. Most people from my generation listen to old crap you hear every day on the radio. I'm into Alternative, Independent, Reggae, Dub, Techno. Speakers in my room make the walls tremble, there is no place for television.

No, eh ... no Television???
No. You see, I don't like to be dictated what to eat, see or hear. There is too much junk on TV, most programming goesfor the lowest common denominator in people. Entertainment is often plain stupid and boring, life is too short to spend it with that crap. Also finding the good stuff on TV is too much of a hassle. Internet is much better. When I am curious about something I go surfing and find tons of interesting websites. It is when I want, what I want and nearly where I want.

Speaking of, why can you often travel to so many places?
I burned a couple of frequent flyer tickets in the 90s. Travel to be at the Ocean, I surf the Atlantic, Pacific and Mediteranean Sea. From Boston's South Shore it was not far to Rhode Island or New Jersey where I found warmer water, better waves and thrilling beach life than in Massachusetts. Right now we're land-locked in Southwest Germany, both the Atlantique and the Mediteranee are 10 hours by car.

And during the week you do High Tech?
Yes, I'm full of ideas and want to apply my ingenuity. Information technology is a good playground. In 1996 I thought up a technology to record realistic pictures. - Like? - See my 3-D pictures? These are more real than the flat stuff you're used to. Future media is definetly 3D and real time. Sony for example is seriously developping this direction. Just imagine Playstation III with real 3-D! The future will be full of virtual reality, computer generated or recorded. Humans want to disconnect from their real life misery of air pollution, unemployment and overcrowded cities.

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