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Hawaii Islands Notes '95

Lovely Tourists
Girls gallore at the beach!

The Winter of 95/96 began on a sad note, after just 5 days on Oahu, a stone was smashed through my car's window and almost all my camera equipment was stolen. Hence only a few surfing pictures and I concentrated on beach and street photography instead.

Instead of visiting another neighbor island I bought a new camera this year, with the promise to do better next time.

small wave small board big fun!
Waikiki surfing
new life begins
Japanese wedding
and the day finishes at the beach
Cool evening

Without the mission to capture surfing's golden moments in the waves, I looked more closer around me and found a wealth of interesting sights and views on the beaches and in the streets of Waikiki and Honolulu.
still 30 km to run!
To Diamond Head
running into the sun
Sunny morning
We made it .. in under 6 hours!!
Cool in the shade

The Honolulu Marathon was great, after my participation in 1993 now I made some 20 kilometers on feet this time, good fun walking with the 25000 participants.
beach break between runs to the mall
Shopping ladies
while the men are working, the ladies relax
on the beach
with Yuki on the Aloha Tower
and downtown

Once the marathon runners were out of town I checked the corners of the island and spend many hours on the beaches surfing the smaller waves of Waikiki or Pupukea. When the waves were down I hunted shopping ladies in town or at the mall. The search for my stolen camera equipment also brought me to lesser known corners of Honolulu.

Duke memorial in Waikiki
Surfing God wishes you Great Waves!
Mahalo nui Aloha, see you on JahTours.

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