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Hawaii Islands Notes '97

Todd takes the Door
Spectacular Surfing ... Todd Prestage!

The 'El Nino' Winter of 97/98 saw a late arrival of classic conditions on the North Shore. On the first good swell many of the pro surfers took many a good rides. Todd Prestage had little luck in the competition but he goes great when The Door is open!

Over the years it became a tradition to spend a large part of December on the Islands. My trip to Hawaii is surf-motivated so I keep it on Oahu most of the time. Sure, I've also seen the other major islands of Hawaii, Kauai and Maui.

Curious place, these islands halfway in the Pacific Ocean. So far and yet so near. Of course, the american and asian influences are obvious but there is also a undeniable european influence. Not that there's a pizzeria on every corner but for example imported european food like danish cookies or german Christstollen make it to the islands in time for christmas. Only the bad weather stays on the other side of the world.

it takes an expedition to go
Adventure travel
find the no tourist zone
Kauai surfing
and another quiet beach
Hidden Hawaii

After two weeks of surf on the North Shore I went to Kauai for hiking the mountains and checking some beaches. Lots of excellent hiking around Waimea Canyon and on the North Shore. Best beach on Kauai is Polihale with its long wide dunes and fine sands, yet without the resort-contained tourists. Speaking of, the worst Tourist spot is Princeville, it reminded me a little of the Lahaina resorts on Maui. In my four-islands experience Kauai is in for the second place, just after the Big Island, with Oahu at place three.

Every time I went hiking I was amazed about the number of Europeans on the trails of Kauai or Hawaii. Americans sometimes were adventurous too, but mostly stick to tourist-trap attractions and paved ways. Regarding the asian visitors to the island my observations suggest a different pattern. The japanese ladies on a shopping trip are already a piece of local culture. Since my last visit in 1995 many new shops all over the place, and not only Waikiki. Product-mania in the winter of 97/98 were the G-Shock watches.

Nice Flowers, Pat!
Pat O'Connel surfed Sunset Waves '97

Speaking of, G-Shock also sponsored the Tripple Crown of Surfing competitions on Oahu's North Shore. When I'm on the islands I never miss the Pipemasters. Gery Lopez himself was only in the longboard expression session, surfing it out with the longboard world champions Rusty Keaulana, Bonga Perkins and still to be crowned wizzard Joel Tudor. By the way, Joel nearly created a sensation when he hold the first place in his trial series against the later winner of the contest: John 'Boy' Gomes. JBG perseverance finally paid, at the end he shared the podium with Michael Ho, the 1983, and 1985 Tripple Crown Champion, with fellow Hawaiians Shane Dorian and Sunny Garcia.

Hello Kitty visits Sunset Beach '97

Once the contest was over I had another five days at my disposal and got the chance to jump into the water at Pipeline myself. With my waterproof stereo camera I got a few awsome shots. At times there were ten photographers and videomen in the water, it was an honor for me to be out there.

spectacular sunset in Waikiki Mahalo nui Aloha, see you on JahTours.

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