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Gerry Lopez Pipemasters 2000

The North Shore is always good for surprises and this year it was perfect conditions! The pipemasters final three days happened in 8..12' surf under sunny offshore skies.

Kelly 2000
The Pipemaster
behind the curtain
Kelly Slater
and out again!
in his wave

The contest started with the trials on the day of the Honolulu Marathon, then, during the week the contest was called off while perfect 6..8' waves rolled over the Pipeline reef ... with bigger waves to come! Much to the joy of the many freeriders while the pros went into mental preparation for the perfect waves announced for the main event.

free-surfing fun
Damian Hobgood
easy looking hard work
not huge but NICE NICE NICE
perfect Pipeline

Of course the participating Hawaiians were favored by the crowds on the beach. Old time Top 44 surfer and former finalists Shane Dorian and Kalani Robb did not make it past the quarterfinals, same for Andy Irons, while the new world champion, Sunny Garcia, had no luck against all time trials champion Pancho Sullivan. The podium was very international this year, with Bruce Irons from Hawaii, Renan Rocha from Brazil, Michael Lowe from Australia and the winner Rob Machado from the USA.

Rob on the top
Great moment
after all those years
for Rob
Pipemaster 2000

Rob Machado, after long years of trying - and who does not remember the historic 1995 quarterfinal between him and 5-times pipemaster Kelly Slater - finally made it to the top step of the podium in the world's most prestigious surfing competition.

quiet in the lineup - hell may brake loose with the next set
moment of calm between sets

Once the contest was over we had a couple of days left, I tried a little surfing at Pipe myself, but with almost no time in the water this year I was not well in form to compete for waves with the regulars. In the picture above you see the row of photographers, then a layer of brazilian bodyboarding girls, and the main players, decided to get back to their spot and catch the greatest waves. Pipe's it!

Harder than the best!
All time Tripple Crown champion and ASP world champion 2000 ... Sunny Garcia!

Mahalo nui Aloha, see you on JahTours.

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