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JahTours International 1983
Always on the beach

Jah Tours Spring 1983:

These names became familiar over the years to come
Mountain Passes '83
Galibier northface was tough with all that baggage
Highest Road in '83
nomen est omen
Grand St Bernhard '83

After missing out on 1982 ( which was a good year ) this year became the first year with Jah Tours fully operational in Menton. I already made it for the Grand Prix / FilmFestival in May, that was good fun! In Spring it was only with limited Jah Tours, most of the time I was hanging round in Monaco. Now with the summer approaching I had put some serious biking in my legs. Not serious enough as I learned on my first high mountain roads. Above 2000 meters (6500ft) the air became thin and also the heat was a factor I had to adjust to. Col de Galibier northface was more difficult than I thought but I made it with my heavily loaded bike. On the way down from Galibier I met a guy on a motorbike who was short on gas so we rolled down to Briancon together. Then I made it down the valley to lake Serre Poncon which was very refreshing after all the heat. The next day was French national holiday July 14th. I rolled through the lower Alps and met a hefty thunderstorm when I entered the Var Valley. Like a warm shower I kept going and was dry again long before arriving in Nice for sunset. Many fireworks going off on the beaches but I was too tired and stayed the night in Beaulieu sur Mer.

Jah Tours summer 1983:

JahTours Beach Community
Menton '83
Henning & Lovely French Girl
Emanuelle '83
This boy is mine!
Boyfrombeach '83

After the mountain adventures I took a breakfast-break in Monaco before finally advancing to Menton. In Menton I quickly integrated with the beachsleeping community and opened up my own section of the beach. Military service hold me off in 1982, this year some personalities were missing due to that. Only years later we learned that we all were withhold for nothing, the eastern threats were a great hoax, pushed by western arms industries and so called 'intelligence'. Well the ones that made it to Menton this year were numerous and we had some happy weeks on the beach.
My biking friend this summer!
Lovely Girl on Bike '83
At home on the Beach
Jahtours Beach '83

When the dutchman left, I herited his rubber boat. I also spent most of thedaytime with a group of german girls and with we had a lot of fun until the thing finally passed out. Some of us went surfing in the evening waves, others spent all day drifting aound the bay and I used it to organize a party on one of the rafts.

Jah Tours autumn 1983:

Shopping cart driver
We called him Dad
We were all seasick after this party ;-)
Party on the raft '83
Hanging out in Monaco with the Royals!
Hotel de Paris '83

Even during the last weeks of military service I made it back to the coast for the third time this year. Although it was on a rather sad note, I had to come to terms with the fatal car accident my biking friend had when friends took her back home to Germany. This September quite some people were still sleeping on the beach, Raphael was helping out at the Helios, some other guys were new to me and we had a good time together. I already knew from the quick trips in 1981 and 1982 that september is a good month on the Riviera, nice and worm, not steamy hot and all the tourists are gone. Only some students passing through, their holidays allowed for different travel schedules. Before enrolling to Bochum Ruhr University I came back to Menton one more time, but with the family it was less fun than with the beachsleeping community ... had to wait until enigmatic year 1984.

No sleeping on this Beach The Bay of Menton
Monte Carlo Beach '83    Bay of Menton '83

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Over the years many people came to the beach for fun and incredible cheap holidays. Whether or not you were a part of the Menton beach gang of the 80s, we'd like to hear from you.

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