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JahTours International 1985

Fully Booked JTI Beach
Jah Tours beach
Jah Bernhard in the office
Jah Tours office
With the bus quite a crowd got up here
Secret Waterfall

Highlights '85

Jah Tours Spring 1985:

During Easter-holidays I hitchhiked down to the coast for some exciting days with the Baden-Baden posse. We had all-nite parties and one morning I found myself waking up on a park bench. I also discovered Castellar by foot and we went to Nice for some cooling on the Promenade des Anglais. In May I made it to Menton/Monaco/Cannes for the annual Formula One and Filmfestival events.
riding up the Col de Lautaret
Nice Mountains
First time on Cayolle
Gate to the Riviera
Some people flew in to our beach!
Menton airlines

After bad experiences in Switzerland the biketour avoided that unhospitable country entirely. I also set new records for long distance biking, like Bochum-Baden Baden (450 km / 280 mi) in one day! This year I started easy into the high mountains with Croix de Fer, Lautaret, then Col de Vars and the Cayolle to bring me to the Riviera. Friends came numerous with all kinds of transportation. Especially the bus became a cult object (like the rubber boat in 1983) and I was ready to buy one for 1986 ... oh, and I opened up the Jah Tours Office in Menton, Jah Tours got really big this year and was a real challenge to manage:
We busted La Regence one morning
Breakfast at La Regence '85
... others came by bus
Jah Tours by Bus '85
arrangin a deal on my cell-phone
Jah Tours Crew '85

Jah Tours summer 1985:

Learning french with french girls!
Jah Tours Language Instruction
Learning french is fun!
Murielle et Emanuelle
Jah Tours at sleep as seen from the Helios
Late late evening '85

Things were really getting serious in 1985, we finally were convicted by french girls Marielle, Maite, Emanuelle, amongst other to learn french and, boy, we had fun with those young french ladies!
Hanging dead at the beach
Jah Tours - Helios '85
Sometimes we saw dark clouds ... passing!
Thunderstorm '85
Hair-raising on the beach
Always relaxed '85

The waterfall became popular big time in 1985! I discovered the place back in 1983 with the help of friends from Baden-Baden and Menton. It is a well hidden place and even many of our local friends did not know about it.

Jah Tours autumn 1985:

A very popular place
Hidden Waterfall
Cool also in september
freshness ..
one with nature
always relaxed

In September I made it on a record breaking ultra-fast 17 hours door-to-beach hitch-hike to the coast. I met Fred with friends at the Helios and we made it to the waterfall for some private sessions.
Jah in the air!
getting airtime
real cool
Nina III

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Over the years many people came to the beach for fun and incredible cheap holidays. Whether or not you were a part of the Menton beach gang of the 80s, we'd like to hear from you.

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