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JahTours International 1988
Gunter with his toys
Beach rework
JTI beach '88
Summer Beach
Santa having a good time
Winter paradise

Jah Tours Spring 1988:

After all the years without much money now I also lost my time. No Easter-springbreak and no Formula One in May ... but a few days with favorable wind to bike to the coast! I made over 500 kilometers the first day towards Dijon, then another two days with 370 kilometers each, and then I was, in ... Menton! Friends were already waiting and the story I told seemed unbelievable. But I felt the stress, especially my hands - for two days I was not able to hold a pen or take pictures with my tiny camera ...
after 1250 km in 3 days ...
Spring Biketour
building for Menton 2000
Promenade roadwork
still winter up there
Col de la Cayolle II

On the way back north I rode straight into a coldfront and spent hours in a supermarket in Gap to warm up again. My limited clothing approach was stretched to the edge, the thin sleeping bag was ok for summer but not for 5 degrees in the mountains. I finally made it in two and a half days back to Basel, Switzerland, from where I took the train home.

Jah Tours summer 1988:

3.8k swim/180k bike/42k run
Ironman, Roth

beach sleeping
early morning
Where is the beach?!?
beach may vary

After the killer-biketour in Spring I tackled another challence in summer: The first european IRONMAN competition. Swimming almost 4 kilometers with 700 competitors in a canal, biking 180 kilometers without a pause and 'running' the first marathon in my life ... was fun! This way I came to Menton twice, before and after the race.
Menton beach 5h30
before sunrise
Menton beach 12:00
lovely EF girl
Menton beach 22h
night falls

Sandra goes surfing!
at the beach
what about this?
GG at the controls
lovely girl - no mercy

July was great with GG and the usual crew. In August I met new friends, the sun was burning deadly and I shoot a few 'dark sky special' black and white photos:
famous Timy supermarket
high noon in town
walking in the heat
on the promenade
tempting look down
fresh down there

dinner coolout time
camping became fun
Jahtours individual customer service
Karin was cute
JahTours at the Embuscade
big big JTI dinner

Florida winter 1988:

Didn't made it to Menton in autumn but my job in a supermarket made me money for the winter. First I tried finding a cheap ticket for Hawaii, but then I found the killer-deal for Florida and flew with El-Al - the very same night in 1988 when the Pan Am Jumbo was bombed down - to Miami Beach. I got a red Toyota for 10 days to discover the mosquito-state. The Atlantic was fun, warm waters, some waves and I went shopping at Ron Jons in of Cocoa 'Kelly Slater' Beach. The Gulf coast was rather boring, I did not bother seeing Disney or the Everglades but made it for two tropical days on the Florida Keys.
take the bus?!
tropic setting
different colors in 88
mellow waves
das Auto hat einen Vogel
car with bird

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Over the years many people came to the beach for fun and incredible cheap holidays. Whether or not you were a part of the Menton beach gang of the 80s, we'd like to hear from you.

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