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Jah Tours International 1979-99

JahTours at your service More real than imagination
JahTours '86  Postcards '98

When I first arrived on the Côte d'Azur in 1979, I somehow ended my first day in the cozy town of Menton, or, to be more precise, on its central beach! Menton is the last town on the French Riviera, right on the border to Italy. The border is history by now, and many Italians come every weekend to enjoy "Easy Living in France"! For most of us Menton is more than a weekend-trip - we hitchhiked, took the train, flew by plane, drove the car or bike to spend some happy days (and nights!) on our beach.

Please take the tour, and have a look:

JahTours Beach Community
Menton '84
Lovely French Girl
Emanuelle '84
Dinner at the Beach
Jah Tours '86
Jah Tours 1979-1999 .. 2001!

As you will see on the JahTours History Page, there have been years of glory ['83'84'85'86'87'88'89], and years when I barely made it to Menton ['79]['90]['92], but also years when I had the chance to come every other week [94-96] because I was living a little further west ... on the Riviera!

Spring 1999 saw the 20 years of Jah Tours International celebration party on the beach. And I also made it during the festive season at the end of the 20th century. This year we will be back in force, I look forware to, for the first time in the history of JahTours International, we will have an appartment near the beach. Alternate location is our usual homestay for the past ten years: Camping St Michel. The Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco is late Mai 2001 and it will not be easy to find a place in the area, please reserve now! Simply mail a note to bernhard and I'll put you on the preferred customer list.

With JahTours on the Beach
Menton Beach View 1988

with JahTours on the Riviera
[ Invitation for an exciting trip around Menton ]

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