JahTours Trip Around Menton

with Jah Tours on the Riviera
Lovely Michele shows us Le Corbusier walking path in Roquebrune-Cap Martin

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Menton with it's rich surroundings became the central point for many entertaining and exciting excursions. For me it began in the summer of '81 when a few girls, under the influence of heavy sunbathing, no doubt, asked me if I wanted to walk ... to Monaco! Sure I wanted! The family where they were lodged - JahTours was not very popular in the early 80s - hinted them to take the footpath around Cap Martin sneaking beyond Roquebrune reaching Monaco by the backdoor. The girls were fun and the path with it's shadowy trees offers stunning views over Menton, Monaco and into Italy until Bordighera. We started early and by the time we arrived in Monaco we were longing to take a bath in the clear waters of the Principality. During the following years I often walked or jogged that path, often alone, sometimes in lovely company (see picture above), and I always look forward to the next time I can go there. The picture below shows me in mid-air at the cliffs of Cap Martin.

Jah Bernhard - No fear!
Cap Martin suicide stunt!

La Cascade! - Our most popular trip to the backcountry!

at perfect private place
Siesta time
in the hot summer of '85
Nina I
men without fear
flying high
very relax
Nina II
idylic union with nature
private pool
lovely german girl
smokin' hot

Waterfall special! Between 1983 and 1989 our secret hideout place in the moutains was the favorite spot for the hottest hours of the day. Just the mention of the word 'cascade' made eyes and ears wide open and we quickly arranged a car to drive there. We were rewarded by a world of quietness, freshness and summer's blessings.

still waters run deep
Panorama view
killer perspective
from the top
better than any pool
relaxed swimming
freshed out
dipping in the sun
come swim with me
until another swim
sensual siesta time
quiet afternoon
featuring Veronique
lots of sun, until
being one with nature
it's time to go

After a very eventful day night falls over Menton. Skin was burned, hearts were broken, and too much sand was in our sleeping bags.

Menton after Sunset

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