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Hello, my name is Bernhard
The free thinking pragmatic acting individual trained engineer specialized in information technologies (EE/CS). Lived a couple years in the greater Boston area. Now in Central Europe closer to Menton - and still miss the subtropical vegetation on the Riviera. Like to pass a couple weeks each years on the Islands.

On Tour, 1997


Has been a favorite pasttime of my father and I started in the early 70s. In 1977 I got a cute Pentax ME and stick with that brand ever since, moved to Canon over the last years, have a look at BK media showcase. Over the years I've specialized on outdoors action and stereo photography!. Stereophotos are difficult to show over the Internet, I'm working on new visualization technology.


Had a slow start to my sporting activities since endurance sports were not supported in the postwar school curiculum. It was more about throwing grenades? and running fast. I prefer mountain or racing bike for tours and the daily commute. With warm waters I go swimming and surfing. I play golf (hcp 36); go walking in the City or hiking the backcountry.

Bernhard in Motion

First Ironman Europe, Roth 1988


The Riviera became my preferred destination. I even lived there for three years!


Being of a curious nature I'm interested in many different topics and it was only natural to feed back information be that by print media or the Internet. In the 90s I learned quite a lot about Journalism, and in 1994 I produced Da Surf Fanzine which paved the way for german Surfers magazine.


Mother tongue German inclines me to English which I speak fluently. In school I tried to learn Latin which became an excellent French later and basic Italian. In between I told computers what to do in C, C++, and a wide range of assembly-code for the different processors. In the late-90s I added some Russian.


Music really started for me at age 15 - 1977! - when the radio brought fresh music from England! Independant-King John Peel on BFBS / BBC played the first Punk and Reggae to my ears! I quickly adapted and became DJ on some home-parties with self-produced cassette tapes and a mix of future rock and Reggae. Most of the 90's I spent in France where I was able to listen to either BBC from London or Radio DeeJay from Milano, another favorite was Nova FM. Boston had some fun music, WAAF started my day with music in my car. Back in Southern Germany the local radio is boring, so we tune to the Internet.


So many things to see so many things to do so little time for reading? I manage around a dozen books a year, mostly related to travel, computer, modern society and the way life is.

information technologies engineer ( m.s. in EE/CS )

BK engineering
Electricity is the colour in the world of grey - © Bernhard Kockoth

Started with electronics in the 70s when microprocessors became useful devices. At the time it was Intel 8008 that evolved into the famous Z80 and 8086 which brought personal computing to the masses. Over the years I did a lot of programming, but also hardware design, product management, and marketing. Always close to the latest 32- and 64-bit developments.

During the late 80's I discovered the values of adaptive Digital Signal Processing for the interface between our analogue world and the digital realm of the machines. Speech technology, and advanced visual communication benefit largely from the advances of technology, and still, there is way to go. Perhaps electrical facilitated telepathy would be the next step, just think about a beer in the fridge, and the fridge senses it and if it's out of beer it would order it ... and the car drives out to the store to fetch it and you grow fatter and fatter ...

Over the years I worked in product development, european application engineer, product management in the embedded systems sector. Over time we're moving to universally interconnected intelligent devices which may redefine the way that humans inhabit planet Earth. Part of my visions from the 1970s became reality by the early 21st century. What's next?

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