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Digital Kiss

Welcome on the page for the "pathological-techno-fetishist-with-social-deficit"!

A good example for the advertising, singing and good-looking Idol of the 90s was Yuki Uchida. She became popular with cosmetics advertising, had a good time with a brand of computers (Yuki inside!), recorded CDs and stars in TV-drama. Her photobook 'Yukiss' was an instant bestseller.

Uchida chyan advert
Yuki Uchida courtesy of Epson

Be careful when you buy shrink-wrapped magazines with women in swimwear on the cover when you do not read Katakana or Kanji characters. For example, nice looking EYE-COM magazine was for PanCon users and featured detailed pictures of computer hardware.

Riona Hazuki photobook

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